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Covering Materials & Supplies
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10' x 38" @ $24.99

20' x 38" @ $39.99


This is an excellent covering choice for lightweight park flyer models to large, scale models up to 80”.   It weighs about the same as SG Silkspan, however, it is much stronger and more resistant to puncture damage.  It can be applied using thin clear Nitrate dope as an adhesive and can be finished, on lightweight models, with as little as one coat of clear.  Two to three coats of clear Nitrate dope will completely seal the surface on electric models of all sizes.  Other water based products are used too.

A major difference between Polyspan and tissue or Silkspan is that you can remove wrinkles before or after covering by simply applying heat near the surface. Polyspan is unaffected by water, moisture, or humidity.  It spans open structures perfectly and is intended for both solid and open covering.  It replaces ½ ounce fiberglass as a lighter and stiffer covering option on sheeted surfaces.  The only major working limitation is that it doesn’t go around complex curving surfaces as well as other materials such as tissue or fiberglass.  Sold in 38” width material for less waste!

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