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Covering Materials & Supplies
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How-To Articles

Why the name Fly 2 Build ?


There are many who fly R/C airplanes.  Only a small percentage of pilots have tasted the joys of building their own customized creations. The most fun in this hobby is when you fly what you build.    


Great satisfaction is found in hand-building flying models which express and reflect your unique personality and skills as the creator.  

Then there’s the wonderful reward in seeing your hand-built creation bending the air beneath it as you explore the laws of aerodynamics that our Creator set into place.


Go Build something with your hands today.

Acetate (clear plastic)

Aeronca Champ kit

Airplane Kits

BEC (battery eliminators)

Beech 18 kit



Carbon Fiber



Control Horns

Covering Materials

ESC (speed controls)


Grumman Goose kit

Hinges, Hatches, Hardware

Kits (airplane)

Lighting Systems (LED)

Magnets & Building Jigs

Motors & Speed Controls

Plans and Downloads

Plastic Parts and Accessories

Polyspan Covering


Pushrods & Pull/Pull linkages

Radio Receivers



Speed Controls (ESC)

Spruce Goose kit


VarioPROP Propellers

Wheels & Landing Gear Accys

Wires (electrical)


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