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The Acme 33” V35 Bonanza is in current production!



Wingspan: 33”

Weight: 10-11 ounces

Wing Area: 175 Sq In



Himax 2212-1180 brushless  

3S 730ma Lithium polymer battery pack (2) 9A ESC

1 6x4x3 E Prop.





See more images here


Online build thread here

33” Acme V35 Bonanza:   $ 89.

Announcing the third addition to the civilian scale lineup of beautiful, scale electric powered park flyer airplanes designed by Sky Greenawalt of Acme Aircraft.  Sky is a masterful airplane designer, and we are proud to have an exclusive arrangement to produce parts from his designs.  


The prototype model of this design was masterfully built by Sky himself, and as you can see, this kit can create a stunningly accurate scale masterpiece.


Construction is very straightforward and intended for moderate to experienced builders.  Approximate construction time is 40-50 hours for building and finishing.  The helpful online build thread (linked above) is very helpful, as is the exhaustive 7 page instruction manual that is available below.  


You can download and review the manual, including a complete listing of additional materials that the builder will need to supply, by clicking the link below.


Acme V35 Bonanza Construction Manual

Builders Short Kit Contents:

Balsa wood Parts:

(3) Laser cut sheets 1/16” x 4 x 24

(3) Laser cut sheets 1/32” x 4 x 24

(1) Laser cut sheets  1/8”  x 4 x 24


Kit includes (1) 24x36 inch CAD printed (not copied) original plan, 1 vacuum pre-formed clear plastic windshield, 1 vacuum formed plastic spinner, 1 small hardware pack. Free download of 7 page instruction manual (see link at bottom left side of page) as well as templates here.


In standard short-kit fashion, the builder will “season to taste” with his own stock of sheet balsa, strip wood, hardware and the power and electronic components to completion.

Aircraft Plywood Parts:

(1) Laser cut sheet 1/32” x 4 x 12




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Power System Package: Includes:

(1) Himax 2212-1180 Brushless Outrunner Motor

(1) Castle Creations Thunderbird 9 ESC

(1) APC 7x4 E propeller



Builders Short Kit.  
V35 Bonanza
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