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The Hughes Hercules H-4 “Spruce Goose” Advanced Builders Short-Kit is in current production!



Wingspan: 100”

Weight: 15 lbs

Wing Loading: 30 oz/sf


Power: (8) Speed 400 “long can” brushed motors

(1) 5S 5000 Lithium polymer battery pack





Watch Flight Video here


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Announcing the limited offering of a scale tribute to the world famous icon of American ingenuity and pride, the Hughes H-4 Hercules!  This massive builders kit of precise, laser cut balsa and plywood parts will assemble to form the structure of your own Spruce Goose flying replica.   Over 1,000 hours was invested into perfecting the scale design and construction of the prototype model as seen featured on the cover of R/C Sport Flyer magazine (November 2008 issue).  This kit will create a stunningly accurate scale masterpiece.


The model constructs through the extensive and creative use of interlocking tabs and slots in conjunction with the use of the included laser cut alignment fixtures.  This Builder’s “short kit” is being offered to experienced builders who are confident of their ability to construct models of this type.   Visit the RC Groups complete build thread here.  Please review the assembly which starts with post #136 and continues through #600. If you’re an experienced builder, order your own Hercules kit today!   



Builders Short Kit Contents:

Balsa wood Parts:

(7) Laser cut sheets 1/32” x 4 x 24

(10) Laser cut sheets 1/16” x 4 x 24

(6) Laser cut sheets 3/32” x 4 x 36

(11) Laser cut sheets 1/8” x 4 x 24

(5) Laser cut sheets 3/16” x 4 x 48

(3) Laser cut sheets 1/4” x 4 x 48


Over 1,200 laser cut pieces! Pieces are cut and packaged  individually and bagged in assembly groups.

Kit includes 24 x 108 and 36 x 96 inch  CAD printed (not copied) original plans, extensive construction photo reference CD, all necessary construction jigs and forms, pre-formed plastic motor cowlings and scoops, and all lettering/N numbers.


In standard short-kit fashion, the builder will “season to taste” with his own stock of sheet balsa, strip wood, CF wing tubes and the power and electronic components to completion.

Aircraft Plywood Parts:

(4) Laser cut sheets 1/64” x 12 x 48

(2) Laser cut sheets 1/32” x 12 x 48

(4) Laser cut sheets 1/16” x 12 x 48

(1) Laser cut sheets 3/32” x  6 x 24

(1) Laser cut sheets  1/8” x  6  x12

(2) Laser cut sheets 1/8” x12 x 48 (Lite Ply)


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