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Grumman Goose; Naval Fighters Number Sixty-Three by Steve Ginter

This is an excellent reference for your scale Goose project.  It contains not only the history on many versions and modifications, but also detailed drawings of virtually every aspect of all working parts, as well as photos of interior details.



Full-size 12” x 48” Printed Plan/Wing Template for adding flaps & lights to your Parkzone® T-28 ARF

Plans are printed then folded for shipment.  

Includes the (2) laser cut flap horns (as shown) which are laser cut from Birch aircraft plywood.

Price: $ 9.95  


Laser Cut Incidence Measuring Jigs for use with Aeroperfect 9000x Measuring Unit

These are the jigs we designed and are featured along with the product review of the Aeroperfect 9000x  in the January ‘09 issue of R/C Sport Flyer Magazine.


The jigs are cut from 1/8” lite ply and go together very quickly and easily with common wood glue or medium CA, epoxy, etc. The purchaser will need to supply a length of 1/16” x 3/4” aluminum bar stock, (2) hex nuts and allen head cap screws, optional brass tubing and felt protection as shown.  

The full size PDF plan is available for free download here.

 $ 14.95

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Knights of Avalon: Seaplanes of Catalina Island

Avalon Bay, historic home to Indians, pirates and smugglers, is the romantic backdrop for a glittering parade of famous people who interacted during Santa Catalina Island’s aviation history. The Knights of Avalon is a fascinating real-life adventure story of the 20th century, showcasing the flying boats and intrepid pilots that evoke memories of exciting times and places. Aviation pioneers Glenn Martin, Donald Douglas, and other notables such as stars Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Ronald Reagan and even the Wrigley family and their Chicago Cubs baseball team all played their parts.

Beginning with the visionary inventors at the birth of aviation, and progressing to the navigation of the world’s great oceans, this book furnishes a modern look at what is widely known as “the Golden Age of Aviation.” Aircraft designers William Boeing, Leroy Grumman, and Igor Sikorsky are also profiled. Explore the spectacular rise and rapid disappearance of the flying boat from the world scene and learn “the rest of the story” of the how the last flying boat made in America came to be owned by actress Maureen O’Hara.

From the unique perspective of working for Catalina Air Lines for seven years, the author, David Johnston, highlights the personal backgrounds and experiences of the “Knights” — five “water pilots” and one stewardess who all greatly contributed to the richness of the aviation lore of the island. Also included are many humorous stories about some of the supporting cast for these knights, the “dock boys” in Avalon bay.  



$ 9.99
$ 9.99
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