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100% “Sun Cut” Kits!  November 3, 2014


It’s my pleasure to announce that every one of our kits is now cut with from power harnessed directly from the sun, making us the most environmentally friendly hobby business that we are aware of.  How is this possible?


Well, I assure you that it’s not because we have an enormous magnifying glass above us, but it is the next best thing!  This Fall, after a five year process of upgrading the efficiency of our home and home business space, we invested in a 10 kW photovoltaic solar roof array to supply all of its annual energy needs from the sun.  We eliminated 95% of all fossil fuel burning in our home, installing the highest performance heat pump systems for space and water heating, plus upgraded lighting to LED’s, and lots of other upgrades.  The result is that not only is our home powered by the sun year round, but also our laser cutting system.  


Since our home and laser cutting system use less power annually than the we make on site from the sun, we are known as a net zero home.  And so if you can envision the suns rays being converted into electricity, then converted back into highly focused and aligned rays that instantly vaporize balsa and plywood that separate airplane parts on sheets, that’s what’s now happening when we cut your kit!  How cool is that?!?


We are very excited about being the first company like this (that we know of) that provides the most environmentally friendly kits possible.  No ground was fracked, and no coal was burned, to create your dream model parts.  We hope you will find it as cool as we do, and maybe this will encourage others toward better environmental stewardship too.  



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