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Magnetic Building System Fixtures


These fixtures are laser cut, 1/8” lite plywood pieces that come in the sizes listed below (heights) for securing airplane components in place over a steel building board (supplied by you).   In order to fit different budgets, they are provided in various forms:


Laser Cut Jigs (no magnets or hardware) sets of 20 (1/8” lite ply):


(20) 4” tall Jigs  $ 20.00


(20) 6” tall Jigs  $ 25.00


(20) 8” tall Jigs  $ 30.00




Building with magnets.  The jigs shown above are secured to a large, flat sheet of 14 gauge mild steel  that sits beneath the plans.  I obtained the piece of steel from a local steel company for $46.00.  The steel sheet is supported by a 36” x 84” solid-core door that I got at a local residential door shop, and it sits atop a 6’ folding table.  The jigs have incredible holding power and are rock solid in use.  In the picture above, the jigs are holding each side of a truss-type fuselage in place directly over the plan Top View while the cross members and other formers are installed during the gluing together of the two halves.  If you would like more information on building with magnets, please visit the Airfield Models website where they also have a ton of great building advice.  They also sell some very nice magnetic jigs and fixtures.  

A 6” and 4” Jig (see “Fully Assembled Jigs” at right) stand side by side while supporting a stick-framed Fuselage.

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Add 4" Laser Cut Jig only - Set of 20 to cart
Add 6" Laser Cut Jig only - Set of 20 to cart
Add 8" Laser Cut Jig only - Set of 20 to cart
As seen in R/C Sport Flyer: Free 4” and 6” Jig pattern dowload PDF

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