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In fact, the reason I’m a carpenter today is because, as a young boy, my grandfather introduced me to building balsa and tissue covered model airplanes. I learned how to cut and fit things precisely and became familiar with many carpenter’s tools before I was a even a teenager. While growing up, many thousands of hours I could be found out in "my shop" in Northern CA working on my airplanes, cars, boats, and whatever other Radio Controlled creations I could come up with until I was nearly 16 years old. Then came cars, a real job (no more paper-routes!), girls (okay, girl), work, house, family, and then my late 20's. The hobby lay dormant until one day a nostalgic trip through my boyhood shop at my folks house awakened a buried 14 year desire that was like that beating Jumanji drum. The chest was opened, the wild monkeys flew forth and my hobby engulfed my life.
Now, a decade later, I'm addicted to designing and building RC planes from Micro's to Giant Scale, gas to electrics, and love introducing others to the wonderful world of building and flying R/C model airplanes.

- Mike MacFarland