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Hinges, Hatches, Hardware
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Dubro Hatch Latch


  • Spring lock
  • Secured in place using Cyanoacrylate
  • Low-profile design works on any door, hatch, panel, etc.
  • Measures 1” x 3/8”

A low profile design with a small spring locking latch for any doors, hatches, panels, etc. The Hatch Latch is secured in place using CA (cyanoacrylate).  Paintable.

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Dubro Kwik-Hinge Slotter


  • Centers & guides for perfectly aligned slots for any hinge.
  • 3 blades fit No. 2 hobby knife handle.
  •  snap-on jig guides.
  • 1 set per package.

Use to cut perfect slots for all sizes of flat, nylon hinges


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Master Airscrew Razor Plane


  • Razor plane by Master Airscrew
  • Strong resin frame for precise work and long service life
  • Blades are replaceable (comes with one razor blade. See below for spares)

Every builder needs one for shaving down parts (Leading edges, trailing edges, etc) and saves greatly on sanding dust in workshop.


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Master Airscrew Replacement Blades (3)


  • Replacement Master Airscrew razor plane blades (see above)
  • Package of (3) blades


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