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Announcing the release of a long-awaited classic, designed by Sky Greenawalt of Acme Aircraft, and produced through development and prototyping by Fly2Build.  Two prototype models were built and flown to fine tune the design and test the performance, and partnering in this product development process were Mr. Duane Reigard and Mr. Ted Pierson.  Thank you guys!


The model construction is very straightforward, yielding a gorgeous framework with fuselage sides that are built flat on the bench, then assembled over the top view.  The wings consist of laser cut ribs, sheer webbing, carbon fiber plug-in wing tube, built up Nacelles and Tip Floats.  The empennage is constructed with beautiful laser cut assemblies that interlock together for strength and minimal weight.


Construction is intended for experienced builders as there isn’t a product manual supplied with the kit.  The helpful online build thread (linked above) serves as a useful “builder’s notes” reference.  Flying the Goose is amazing as it is very well behaved on the water, has an exceptionally light wing loading, and generous power with the recommend system.  

Builders Short Kit Contents:


Balsa wood Parts:

(28) Laser cut sheets 1/16” x 4 x 24

(8) Laser cut sheets 3/32” x 4 x 24

(3) Laser cut sheets  1/8” x 4 x 24

(1) Laser cut sheets 3/16” x 4 x 24


Short Kit also includes the following:  (3) 24 x 72 inch CAD printed original plans, (1) laser cut lite plywood parts set for assembling the formed airplane cradle/display stand.   SPECIAL: Kit now includes aluminum wing tube!


In standard short-kit fashion, the builder will “season to taste” with his own stock of sheet balsa, strip wood, hardware, CF wing tube, plastics, radio, power and electronic components to completion.   For a detailed wood materials list approximating what you’ll need to complete your kit, click here.

Aircraft Plywood Parts:

(1) Laser cut sheet 1/64” ply

(1) Laser cut sheets 1/32” x 6 x 24

(1) Laser cut sheets 1/16” x 12 x 24

(2) Laser cut sheets 1/8” x 12 x 24 (Lite Ply)


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Power System Combo Package Includes:

(2) Himax 2025-4200 Brushless Outrunner Motor/G.Bs

(2) Castle Creations Thunderbird 18 ESCs

(2) APC 12x8 E propellers


 ...Grumman Goose
The Majestic...

The Grumman Goose



Wingspan: 74”

Weight: 6-7 lbs.

Wing Loading: 19-21 oz/sf

Power: (2) Himax 2025-4200 with 6.6:1 Gearbox w/ 12x8E,  (2) 3S 2200 Lithium polymer battery packs or (1) 3S 4400 mah.

Channels: 4 minimum (R,E,A,T)





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